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Most insurance companies make a sizeable profit each year yet never really explain to their customers why the rates keep going up and perhaps services go down. Take, for instance, the Eastern and Gulf Coast policyholders whose policies have been dropped yet the insurance industry profit in 2006 was over $63 billion dollars. Sixty-three Billion!

Watch out for the greedy insurance company.

You faithfully pay your premiums, a natural disaster hits, and then your insurance company drops you.

Or you are in an automobile accident, sustain injuries that the insurance company may regard as being minor or even immaterial, and not want to pay.

Insurance companies often take advantage of you by not settling your claim, or they offer you as low a settlement as they think they can get away with. Don’t be fooled. The friendly insurance adjustor who seems concerned about your injuries is really trying to do his or her job – maximize the insurance company’s profits!

Call your Maine personal injury attorney.

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