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Dating is dangerous for women

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Unfortunately, for women, dating, marrying, and living with men may put them at a greater risk than almost anything else. Maine has seen a devastating rise in homicides this year, and tragically, of the 20 murders reported to date, 14 can be attributed to domestic violence, report State Police. Earlier this year, Mid-Coast Mainers were shocked by the stabbing death of 22 year old Jessica Nichols of Waldoboro, but sadly, Jessica’s case is not uncommon. Domestic violence is the leading cause of death for women ages 15-44 according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and murders of Maine women are committed almost exclusively by their boyfriends, spouses, lovers or stalkers.

Pomeroy, 24, of Hope, Maine was indicted last week for intentional or knowing or depraved indifference indifference murder after admitting to killing Jessica. Pomeroy’s engagement to a previous girlfriend had recently been called off, and, according to reports, he told police that he lost his temper when Jessica made a negative comment about his ex-fiancé. Erupting into a state of rage, he hit her over the head with a frying pan before stabbing her repeatedly and putting her body in the trunk of his car.

Cases of domestic violence are prevalent in Maine, and, although they don’t always lead to murder, it’s essential to understand that by tolerating day-to-day domestic violence, we often set the scene for cases such as Jessica’s. When alcohol is combined with hot tempers and a general disrespect toward women, the resulting violence often escalates to new levels.