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Alison McKellar
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Maine schools implement innovative health program

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As part of an initiative to improve the health of Maine school teachers and staff, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is teaming up with the Maine Education Association Benefits Trust to provide personal health coaching to teachers and staff taking advantage of the health insurance plan offered through the school.

Teachers and staff in Gardiner, Topsham, Hampden, and Readfield will have the opportunity to take part in this two year pilot project which takes a more personalized approach to health care. Participants will first begin an overall appraisal of their health and specific health risks, and after, with the help of the health coach, will work to decide which of these risks most need to change.

Dan Corcoran, President of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, says "this school wellness pilot project will be a valuable demonstration of an approach to improve health and lower health risk factors that makes the connection between lifestyle choices and overall health."

The project will contract with Occupational Medical Consulting of Leeds, ME, a leading health and wellness company that provides services to Maine businesses, and is scheduled to start this month. It is the first comprehensive health project of its kind in Maine schools.