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Maine Icy Hot Heat Therapy Products Recalled

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Icy Hot Heat Therapy Products Recalled

Icy Hot Therapy products, sold in many stores in Maine, have been recalled recently as a result of numerous reports by consumers that the self-heating patches caused skin irritations and serious burns when used to relieve muscle and joint pain. See msnbc.com

The leading manufacturer, Chattem, Inc., offers a variety of types of the disposable product:

Icy Hot Heat Therapy Air Activated Heat- Back msnbc.com

Icy Hot Heat Therapy Air Activated Heat- Arm, Neck, and Leg

It is possible that the reported injuries were the result of misuse of the patches, although the packaging does contain specific warning labels and instructions. The company says that studies will be done to determine why this problem exists.

While it is unclear how many of the 200 people who have been injured by the product live in Maine, a spokeswoman for Chattem, Inc., has said that the patches will not be put back on the market until studies prove that the product is safe.

Maine residents who have purchased the Icy Hot Heat Therapy products can exchange the product for a full refund by calling 1-877-742-6275 and speaking to Chattem’s Consumer Affairs Department.