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Alison Mynick, RN, Esq.
Alison Mynick, RN, Esq.
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Maine Doctors: Would They Rat On Their Own Patients?

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Once again the question arises: Could this happen in Maine?

Blue Cross of California tried to have California doctors finger their own patients so that Blue Cross could deny insurance coverage based on a patient’s medical condition.

Since insurance company executives aren’t allowed into the exam room with patients (yet), Blue Cross of California thought it might be OK to ask California doctors to finger their own patients and help out Big Blue.

Blue Cross miscalculated. California physicians took the “just say No” route and sent Blue Cross back to the drawing board to find some other way to dump patients who pay premiums but then have the nerve to get sick and need the health care they paid for in advance.

What makes Mainers think the giant health insurance companies here in Maine are any more compassionate and caring?

What stopped the doctors in California was this: Doctors take an oath that they will put the health of their patients first. That means, thinking about pre-existing condition clauses and nsurance exclusions isn’t supposed to get mixed up with the part where the doctor writes down what he thinks is wrong and how it should be fixed…

Doctors in Maine take the same oath as Doctors in California.

But maybe Insurance companies in Maine don’t know that…

Who in Maine is going to stand up to corporate health insurance greed?

Who will stand up for Maine patients?