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With more than 25 years of experience in the area of personal injury, Briggs & Counsel possesses the knowledge and professionalism that comes with many years of service. Past and current clients realize there is no substitute for experience and appreciate our aggressive strategy that gets results for injured people.

We also work hard to keep our clients informed of all developments regarding their case and help them understand each step in their claim. Our staff of legal professionals is intelligent and creative, using the law as it is intended – to help individuals injured by another’s misconduct or negligence. We offer experience, hard work, and an assertive approach because our clients deserve the best results as quickly as possible.

There is never a fee for the initial consultation on a personal injury matter. For the convenience of our clients, we make every effort to accommodate handicapped, ill or otherwise disadvantaged clients, and even those whose busy schedule demands the flexibility of a consultation in their own home or place of business. We welcome your visits during evening and weekend hours.