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Drunk Doctors a Concern for Maine Patients?

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Hopefully this situation will never arise in Maine but it has in New Jersey. A New Jersey pediaitrician had his license to practice medicine revoked for allegedly being drunk on the job, administering expired vaccines to young patients and pointing a loaded gun at two assistants. As many as 1,100 children may not have been properly immunized and, as a result, may not be protected according to an official familiar with the case. The County Health Coordinator now fears that all 1,100 children may need to be immunized a second time for the usual list of diseases. The pediatrician’s records have been described as being “in disarray”.

Verification of proper vaccinations since 1999 may not be possible. These events open the door to the possibilty of the children contracting serious illnesses and diseases against which they thought they were protected. Polio, measles, mumps, rubella, diptheria, tetnanus and other deadly diseases may strike any of the children who were not properly immunized. See article.