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Youth suicide prompts the FDA to investigate asthma drug Singulair and possible link to severe mood changes

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Cody Miller was fifteen years old when he unexpectedly ended his own life on August 4th of 2007, just two weeks after starting on the popular allergy drug, Singulair, for his allergies. MSNBC reported today that Merck, the company that sells Singulair, has changed the drug’s labeling four times in the past year to include information on a range of side effects such as tremors, anxiousness, depression and suicidal behavior. Although the FDA has not established a direct connection between Singulair and suicidal thoughts, and they’re not recommending that patients stop taking the drug, they are launching an investigation and urging those taking the drug to consult their doctors with any concerns. Further, they encourage all health care professionals and patients to participate in voluntary reporting of side effects, which can be done here.
Thousands on the site have already reported side effects from Singulair related to abnormal behavior and thoughts.