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Chrissie Cole

Two-Car Crash In Augusta Sends One To Hospital

A two car collision on Interstate 95 sent one person to the hospital on Tuesday.
The first driver, 77, of Durham Conn., was taken by ambulance to MaineGeneral Medical Center in Augusta after…

Don Briggs

Maine Senate gives green light to Ignition Interlock in hopes of controlling drunk drivers

On March 27th, the Maine Senate gave full approval to the implementation of an Ignition Interlock program which would install breath analysis devices in the vehicles of convicted OUI offenders. The devices require drivers to breath into a miniature breathalyzer installed on the dashboard, and, if the driver’s blood alcohol percentage is above the programmed limit (usually .02% -.04%), the…

Anne Fennessey

Maine Car Crash Leads To Second Accident

It happens alot. There’s an accident on the highway. Rescue vehicles rush to the scene with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Other drivers on the road move out of the way and let the rescue vehicles make their way to the crash. That’s the way it should be, but on Wednesday, March 26, 2008, things didn’t exactly work out the way they should have following an accident on I-95 North in…

Don Briggs

Drunk Drivers, Suspended Licenses, and Fatal Crashes: Does Maine Need the Ignition Interlock System?

Every ten hours, a driver with a suspended license gets into a crash in Maine. That’s according to a recent article from the Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel. More concerning, still, is that one quarter of these drivers has been drinking or using drugs before the crash.This comprehensive report offers a detailed analysis of the problem and reveals that, not only are suspended drivers getting…

Don Briggs

Dangerous Drivers and Suspended Licenses: Who Will Keep Them Off Maine's Roads?

A recent article published in the Portland Press Herald reports that, every day, thousands of Mainers get behind the wheel with suspended licenses, but according to court records, law enforcement catches about only about a dozen of them. The chances of getting caught are slim unless the driver is pulled over for some other reason, and many people simply decide it’s worth the risk. For others,…

Alison Mynick, RN, Esq.

Why Maine Jurors Should Be Mad

Here is a typical example of how insurance companies, and their corporate defense counsel, take advantage of ordinary Maine citizens: “Driver A” is sitting in her car. The car is stopped in traffic and she is waiting to turn left. She has her blinker on. She has seatbelt on. Driver A is playing by the rules. Up from behind her in traffic comes another driver, “Driver B”. This driver is…

Don Briggs

Slippery Maine Roads and Distracted Drivers Make for a Dangerous Winter Mix of Car Accidents and Injury

Did you know that driver distraction causes about 80% of all car accidents? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver inattention is the number one cause of accidents. An article summarizing the findings reports that drowsiness increases the risk of crashes by at least a factor of four, looking at something outside the car more than triples the chance of accident,…

Courtney Mills

Connecticut Driver Kills New York Motorist

A fatal car accident on Route 8 claimed the life of a 41-year old man from New York. Connecticut police announced that Robert Goodwin of Saratoga Springs, NY, died at Yale-New Haven Hospital.Goodwin’s truck was in the southbound lane on Route 8 when, according to authorities, a car struck him head-on in the oncoming direction. The other car was in the wrong lane of the highway, and apparently…

Corinne Tozier

Insurance Industry Greed

Most insurance companies make a sizeable profit each year yet never really explain to their customers why the rates keep going up and perhaps services go down. Take, for instance, the Eastern and Gulf Coast policyholders whose policies have been dropped yet the insurance industry profit in 2006 was over $63 billion dollars. Sixty-three Billion!Watch out for the greedy insurance company.You…

Corinne Tozier

Car Accidents 101 – What to do!

You’ve been in an accident; you are upset and cannot think clearly; and you are at a loss as to what to do or what information you might need for future use.A print-out list of what you should do would be handy to help you through those first stressful minutes after your accident. Well here’s a list for you!http://www.seitelman.com/auto_accident.htm1. Try to remain claim and thoughtful 2. If…